Smart Health Platform

There is a wish to empower household members to take good care of their elderly family members, which improves elderly's quality of life, enhance family happiness, and alleviate tax-payers burden on elderly care infrastructure.

The smart health system supports elderly service units keeping tracking of senior citizen's health metrics when they visit; health metrics are then shared with respective household, so that elderly's daughter and son, grand kids and close relatives, are duly informed of elderly's health. The solution also support household keeping track of elderly's biometrics at home, and health data will be consolidated as a whole health history. The system support tracking of body weight, blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, SpO2, etc. GPS technology was deployed to locate elderly under emergency circumstances.

The system was rolled out to various elderly service units, supporting elderly, and families with dementia elderly members. The mobile solution to family members, and the tablet solution to elderly service units, and the backend solution to charity foundation comprises the whole turnkey solution for stakeholders along the elderly care value chain.

  • Client:

    Charity Foundation/ NGO

  • Target

    Smart Health, IoT, System Implementation

  • Achievements

    IoT solution R&D, turnkey solution for the whole elderly care value chain